Are You In Need of a Health and Fitness Kickstart?

Escape From The Grind for a Day of adventure, training and great food.


Saturday 30 September (FULL AND HALF DAY AVAILABLE)

  • Do you feel stuck in a rut with your health and fitness?

  • Are you losing interest in indoor, gym based training?

  • Are you ready to train in the most beautiful surroundings on the Island?

  • Are you looking to kickstart your training?

  • Are you ready to learn some new skills and exceed your goals?

Join Us For


Unlock your body with specialist mobility, stability and balance classes designed to get you ready for a day full of adventures.


Our resistance and strength based classes will boost your power and strength while simultaneously testing your resolve. Think sandbags, kettlebells and calisthenics.


Explore Guernsey's rugged and beautiful scenery with fun, yet challenging adventures on and offshore.

Training, the Lighthouse Adventure Fitness Way

All of my coaching is designed to compliment your needs and lifestyle. Even in the group environment I will ensure that you have the personal touch to help you achieve your goals and reach your very best.

This single day mini retreat will include coaching and strategies to help you reach peak fitness for your life's adventures, training to boost endurance, and increase strength.

The mobility and stretching sessions will build bullet proof joints to allow you to reach a full range of pain free motion.

Mindset and Nutrition coaching will maximise your training results by teaching you how to fuel your body for optimum results.

Sample Itinerary and Details

Each Retreat costs £150 (FULL DAY) and £90 (HALF DAY)

Accommodation and Transport to Starting Location NOT Included

  • 11 / 6 Hours of Coach Led Training and Activities

  • Nutritional Advice and Tuition

  • All meals and snacks required during retreat times

  • Timings are from 0700-1800 (Half Day ends at 1300)


Lighthouse Adventure Fitness was founded in 2023 with an ethos of true community based health and fitness coaching.

While our physical location is being prepared we are holding outdoor classes on the beautiful beaches and cliff paths of Guernsey.

We are about family, health, fitness and longevity. Life's adventures should be pain free so our training is designed to have you performing at your best.

Kirsty and Andrew started Lighthouse Adventure Fitness to compliment a family lifestyle and to highlight the importance of health and fitness to our kids and others around the island.

Our drive is to improve the health and longevity of the people of Guernsey


Land and Sea Adventures

For a small island Guernsey really packs a punch with more than its fair share of adventure locations. From exploring the winding south coast cliff paths, to sea swimming and stand up paddleboarding to hidden caves, our adventurous side will have you inspired and coming back for more.

Why Guernsey?

— Over 16 miles of cliff paths to explore.

— 27 stunning beaches.

— All of this a stone's throw from anywhere on the island.

SUP Adventures

Learn a new skill and explore the Guernsey coastline from a wonderful new perspective.

Our fully supported SUP adventures include boards, paddles, life jackets and, of course, full instruction.

Rather than teach you in a static location you will learn as you explore. Think stunning beaches, crystal clear water and deep, rugged caves. This is an adventure you won't want to miss.

Open Water Sea Swimming

The benefits of sea swimming are wide ranging and fit in perfectly with everything we do at Lighthouse Adventure Fitness so each retreat / reset break will involve swimming.

Some of these benefits include:

1️⃣ Stress relief

2️⃣ Muscle Relaxation

3️⃣ Stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system - this is the one responsible for rest and repair

4️⃣ Swimming in cold water is also linked to significant improvements in Cardiovascular health

If you are ready to jump in click below to sign up!


We are working alongside local businesses to provide fresh, healthy, and tasty food for the retreat.

Just let us know your dietary requirements and we'll have you covered.

The meals are planned to keep you fuelled for the retreat and are designed to help you reach your goals.

Who am I?

I’m Andrew,

Coach, trainer, adventurer, instructor, husband and father.

After over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry and a lifetime of seeking adventures on land and the water I discovered my absolute passion in fitness and health.

Following a school life spent playing rugby and rowing my focus turned towards watersports, mountain biking and adventure sports. I was lucky enough to take part in the Trans Rockies Challenge in 2007 (a 7 day Mountain Bike Stage Race in the Canadian Rockies) and during my time in the British Army I also helped plan and execute a Stand Up Paddle Expedition across Scotland and a charity bike ride from Monte Cassino (Italy) to Edinburgh (Scotland) where we cycled 125 miles a day for 2 weeks.

So why “Pain to Performance”? In 2009, while serving in Afghanistan I suffered a traumatic brain injury which ended my military career and forced me to learn how to recover enough to hit peak performance again in the sports I love. I quickly learned that to excel “out there” it is essential to put in the work “in here” (gym).

I bring this knowledge into every interaction I have when helping you move from pain to performance.

My drive is to promote fitness and health as a step towards high performance out on the water, on the trails and in the hills rather than as an end state in it’s own right.


Andy is a consistently encouraging, motivating, invested and dependable trainer. With his open mindset, versatile skill set and adaptability, my perspective on exercise and the longevity of my health has dramatically improved. Andy's PT sessions with me are diverse and invigorating - and either involve a cliff or forest run, swim, cycle - whilst taking in the beautiful surroundings and history of our island home. The sessions are unique and beneficial. We're never deterred by the weather, as we always find a way to get the best out of each session. I've gone from never running, to jogging 20km of the 2023 Saffery Rotary Walk and loved every minute!

Yana B

Andrew is an amazing coach. Start to finish: need motivation? Want less pain? A program tailored to you? I highly recommend. After months of persistent pain in my ankle and knee I’m finally able to get out and surf and do the things I love doing without re injuring.Thanks for the push back to strengthening myself!

Sydney N

Office: St Andrew, Guernsey

Call +44 7781 129719



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